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Anxiety or Trauma Therapy

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Counseling and EMDR for General Anxiety

Feeling anxious about your safety, or that of your family, despite taking few risks and living in a safe community?


I'd like to help you reduce that kind of constant anxiety.

Maybe you have been so worried and nervous lately that it is interfering with the ability to concentrate, make decisions, or have patience with family and co-workers. 

Everybody worries now and then. But when anxiety starts to take over your daily life, and your usual coping methods aren't working, counseling combined with EMDR can be very successful.

Signs of generalized anxiety can include:

  • feeling highly sensitive to anticipated criticism

  • being overly irritable or negative

  • being easily frustrated

  • having an inability to focus attention

  • feeling compelled to achieve perfection

  • having excessive need of approval or reassurance

  • having high self-doubt or low self-confidence

  • arriving extra early for meetings and appointments

  • feeling excessively worried about what others take in stride

If any of these signs are a constant or frequent theme for you, I'd like to help you change that.

EMDR for Panic and Trauma

Do you sometimes feel extremely scared for good reason -- or no reason at all -- and concerned that you will again be overcome by panic? 

Perhaps you have gone through or have witnessed a traumatic event. You might be replaying the memory of what happened, and feeling hypervigilant and on edge.


EMDR is especially successful for reducing panic attacks and post traumatic stress that comes from experiencing a trauma.

Childhood and domestic abuse, along with being subjected to other types of crime and violence, can be as traumatizing as having been in a war zone, or life-threatening natural disaster. The emotional effects can linger for years if any resulting PTSD goes untreated. 

Signs of anxiety, panic, and PTSD can include:

  • having the sense that you're about to black out

  • feeling like your heart is racing or pounding

  • being easily startled, unexplained trembling

  • sweating when it isn't hot

  • inability to get to sleep or stay asleep

  • having nightmares or daytime flashbacks

  • muscle aches, headaches, random pains

  • irritable bowel syndrome, nausea, diarrhea

If you are experiencing any of these many signs of anxiety, panic, or trauma, I'm here to help you heal from the past, tame the present, and meet the future feeling safe and secure.

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EMDR, Hypnosis and Counseling

can help you overcome anxiety and live a calm, confident life.

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