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Counseling for Infant, Child

or Pregnancy Loss

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Counseling for the Loss of a Child

Losing a child or pregnancy is a devastating experience. Many parents, and grandparents too, are inconsolable in their sorrow. The disorienting grief you feel can be like the world has turned upside down. 

You may have heard that grief is a normal process, but nothing about a miscarriage, stillbirth, the passing of a sick premie, sudden infant death, or the death of a child of any age seems normal. The pain is so deep that you might think you will never survive it. Some parents say that a part of them has died too, and they are forever changed.

Counseling can help you make sense of these feelings so that you can go on with your own life.

You might be feeling trapped in the trauma of your loss right now. Everything feels like a reminder, and the waves of grief that wash over you are like a tsunami. 

Counseling will help you not drown in this grief.

Especially when children die, parents have an overwhelming sense of guilt. You might ruminate about whether there was something you could have done to prevent the loss, and these obsessive thoughts make it impossible to come to peace.

Counseling, EMDR and hypnosis techniques can help you put your thoughts and feelings into a realistic perspective.

Bereaved parents often feel alone and misunderstood by well-intentioned family who believe your loss was "God's will" or that your child is "in a better place." They may seem offended when you tell that it's not helpful to hear that.


Some friends and coworkers might be distancing from you if your sorrow is too hard for them to witness. It calls up their own fears of loss, and in not knowing how to make it better for you, they simply pull away. But that's not helpful either.

Counseling is a safe place to express all of your feelings about the loss of your child -- the confusions, the angers, the bitterness, the guilts, all of it.  With counseling you can begin to heal the pain without diminishing the memories of your child. 

~With Specialized Training through Postpartum Support International~

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You don't need to grieve alone.

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