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The Procrastination Trap

As you may have noticed, my last post was back in late May [2012]. Almost two full months have gone by! Where does the time go?! My excuse here is that it's been a busy and eventful summer. The truth here, however, is that I've procrastinated. For weeks (eight of them to be exact) I've told myself that I must sit down and write a blog entry. I do enjoy writing this blog, so it shouldn't have been a problem, right? Right. But, I simply fell into what I call...The Procrastination Trap! Sound familiar?

My intention was to write a few key points about procrastination and how to avoid it. In doing a bit of research though, I came across an online resource, Mind Tools, that goes into much better detail about this topic than I could ever come up with. Click HERE to read their three steps to overcoming procrastination.(Confession: I admit that I'm procrastinating to write my own thoughts about procrastination! What can I say? It's a work in progress! Step one is recognizing procrastination, so I'm on the right track folks). In the spirit of change, I'll engage in step three (adopting anti-procrastination strategies) by making the realistic goal of blogging at least once every other week and rewarding myself when doing so. I consider this post the first accomplishment, so if you'll excuse me, the reward of Dairy Queen is calling my name. Until next time...

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