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Counseling for Pregnancy or Infertility Stress

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Counseling for the Stress of Pregnancy

Pregnancy has many joys, and surprisingly, it also has many stresses.


Has your doctor advised you not to take certain medications during your pregnancy, and you need help managing depression or anxiety without meds?

I use safe and effective techniques of EMDR and hypnosis to help manage your emotions.

Nearing the end of your pregnancy and starting to feel overwhelmed and panicked about labor and delivery?  It doesn't have to be your first pregnancy to fear losing control, or to be worried about the uncertainties of giving birth. 

I can help you prepare for delivery so that you are as relaxed as possible during the birthing process. 

If you have experienced medical or sexual trauma in the past, you might be concerned that all the people and equipment around you during labor could trigger painful old memories and combative defenses.


It's understandable that old traumas like this can be difficult to disclose. The counseling, EMDR and hypnosis techniques I use can help you feel strong, confident, and safe when you give birth.

Other stresses during pregnancy often include:

  • worrying about all the responsibilities of caring for an infant

  • feeling distress about the physical changes you are going through

  • concern about not repeating the mistakes of parenting you endured

  • secret grief if you are exchanging a professional career for parenthood

  • hiding sense of shame about feeling your own identity slipping away

  • fearing that you won't be able to "do it all"

Whether you are having your first or your last child, pregnancy is the beginning of one of the most major changes you will ever encounter in life. If you are feeling stressed about it now, it's the smart thing to do to get some new stress management skills and gain new perspectives through counseling.

~With Specialized Training through Postpartum Support International~


I know what you are going through.

Schedule an appointment now.

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An enjoyable pregnancy can be yours.


Counseling for the Stress of Infertility

If you have been struggling to get pregnant, the deep longing for a child combined with recurring disappointments may be causing you profound emotional pain.


You might even be experiencing unexpected reactions that have you wondering who you are becoming.

You aren't alone in feeling like you're on a roller coaster of anxiety, depression, frustration, and overwhelm with all the medical decisions and the financial impact. Should you have genetic testing, do IVF, consider surrogacy or adoption? It's so hard to know what is best, and no guarantee of what will work.

Counseling can help you navigate through the maze of medical and personal choices.

It's common when dealing with infertility to feel like your body is working against you when month after month conception doesn't occur. The frustration and disappointment chips away at your self-confidence.

Perhaps you notice yourself feeling angry and resentful towards friends, family and coworkers when they announce their pregnancies and invite you to their baby showers. It's hard not to be a little envious of their good fortune, and then maybe you feel a little guilty about begrudging their seemingly easy ability to reproduce when it is such an elusive process for you.

While these feelings can certainly be normal, they could be adding stress to your mental, emotional, interpersonal and biological environments, and further diminishing the optimal conditions for pregnancy.

With counseling you can develop a sense of emotional resilience in the face of this difficulty, and reduce these common reactions to the stress of infertility.

~With Specialized Training through Postpartum Support International~

Schedule an appointment now.

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EMDR, Hypnosis and Counseling

can help you deal with this stressful time.

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