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Helping You Overcome

Life's Challenges 

and Traumas

EMDR, hypnotherapy, and counseling 

services in Seaford, DE


Services Summary

  • Therapy Sessions using 
    a secure video platform.

  • One on one sessions

  • Focuses on individual needs

  • Age 18+

  • One on one sessions

  • Focuses on individual needs

  • Therapy approach used is flexible according to treatment goals

  • Adult Services

  • Hypnosis uses focused relaxation for usually quick results

  • EMDR redirects neural patterns of traumatic memories and strong habits for typically rapid results

  • Both are effective for chronic pain, self-esteem, and anxiety

  • Marriage counseling

  • Court ordered evaluations or treatment

  • Child custody evaluations

  • Divorce mediation

  • Medication management

  • Services for children and teens



  • Do you find yourself doing things that are self-destructive to numb your pain?


  • Are you feeling overwhelmed or stuck in the past because of a traumatic experience?


  • Are you weighed down by stress or so anxious that your relationships, sleep, and work are suffering?


​Abuse or other traumas can have long lasting effects that greatly impact your life. It is common to feel overtaken by the anxiety of not knowing where to even begin to heal. That is where professional counseling can help you.

As a survivor of trauma, such as domestic violence or sexual abuse, you may feel that control has been taken from you, leaving you feeling violated and powerless.

Finding a therapist that is right for you is the first step toward taking back control of your life.

I help adults and teens regain control and begin to live in the present rather than reliving the past.

Beginning the process of personal healing can be difficult, but also exciting and rewarding.

Welcome to my website, I hope your visit brings you encouragement to take the next steps toward us working together to meet your goals.


Schedule an appointment now by phone or email. I personally return all messages within one business day.

Privacy of Your
Health Care Information
Insurances Accepted
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield (all states)

  • Medicare

  • Highmark Health Options (Medicaid)

  • AmeriHealth Caritas of Delaware (Medicaid)

  • Aetna

  • Integra