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Therapy for Dissociative Disorders

Image of a person in yellow jacket walking away and into fog

Dissociative Disorders Therapy

Are you puzzled or distressed when others talk about momentous events that they say you participated in, but you have no memory of -- such as weddings or graduations?

Do you ever find yourself somewhere and not know how you got there?

Are there times when you feel like you aren't quite in your body, or that your body doesn't belong to you?


Maybe you have had periods when you lost days or weeks of time.  Perhaps you have started to feel like the people, objects, or world around you don't feel real, as if you are walking through a dream or fog.

If these descriptions sound familiar, and you know its more than simply having a highly narrowed span of attention, that ever-present, underlying sense of fear or confusion can be reduced with counseling.


If you are questioning your ability to distinguish what is real from what isn't, and your friends are tell you that something is wrong, psychotherapy can help.

Almost everyone has faded memories, but most remember that important events have taken place, even if the precise details aren't as vivid any longer. A total absence of memory of being at an event can be a sign of a what's called a dissociative disorder -- a breakdown of self-identity, awareness, memory, and perception.

Many of us have periods when traveling a familiar route that we are so focused on what we need to do when we reach our destination that we might say we don't know how we got there. But a dissociative lapse of awareness of time passing, or of how we got from point A to point B, can be a reaction to a past trauma. 

Psychotherapy and the technique of EMDR can help heal the underlying trauma and restore your ability to be aware of your surroundings, movements, and experiences.

If your daily life has been disrupted by

trauma, or difficulties with awareness of 

where you are and where you've been

make an appointment now.

302 . 682 . 9025

Psychotherapy can help you

feel like yourself again.

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